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Efficiency Driven

Noble Casing, Inc. offers an integrated group of Casing Running Services and Conductor Drilling Services to support our broad customer base and their diverse needs. We have the capabilities to cover all aspects of Casing Running and Conductor Drilling.

Casing Running/Laydown Services

The proper makeup and handling of casing and tubing strings are absolutely critical to the success of the well. Improper makeup and handling can cause weak spots that might lead to failures during the cementing or hydraulic fracturing process.

  • We provide highly trained, safety focused, professional casing and laydown crews with experience in the makeup and handling of all types of casing, tubing and drill pipe types.
  • Purpose built Power Tong Trucks fully backed up with a Standby Hydraulic Power Unit and a second set of Power Tongs. When the unexpected happens, we are prepared to promptly rig down the disabled equipment and rig up standby equipment in order to protect the integrity of the wellbore, and keep the job running.
  • All equipment is fully function tested and staged for its specific job.
  • Purpose built Laydown Machines with the design focused on safety and employee ergonomics. Laydown and Pick/Up jobs can last for days at a time, keeping our employees comfortable ensures they will be able to stay focused on the task at hand. Our laydown machines have sleepers on the truck so our crews can rotate out and stay well rested and our operators have climate-controlled cabs where they operate the machine with joysticks versus conventional levers, which reduce operator fatigue.
  • We can provide Little Tripper – Portable Rig Catwalks for use on workover rigs to ensure safe and efficient handling of drill pipe, tubing, and casing.
  • We own a diverse range of Eckel and McCoy Power Tongs, with capabilities of running all sizes of tubing, casing and drill pipe from 2 3/8” – 13 3/8”, and 35,000 Lbs. of torque.
  • Our handling equipment ranges in size from 2 3/8” – 13 3/8” up to 500 Ton load capacities.

Chrome Handling Equipment

We have the crews and equipment necessary to properly make up and handle all types of chrome pipe. Our laydown equipment is lined to protect the chrome pipe during the pickup process. Our power tongs and handling equipment can be equipped with mark-less dies to prevent any damage to the pipe during make-up.

Casing Running - Laydown Services

Specialty Services

*Casing Running Tools

Casing Running Tools allow you to fill, reciprocate, rotate and circulate casing and liner strings, which reduces non-productive time and associated costs from casing not going to bottom or becoming stuck in the well.

  • We utilize Volant’s Internal Grip and External Grip Casing Running Tools.
  • Volant CRTi – Internal Grip Casing Running Tools
  • Our CRTi capabilities range from 4 ½” – 13 3/8” and up to 420 Tons
  • Volant CRTe – External Grip Casing Running Tools
  • Our CRTe capabilities range from 4 ½” – 5 ½” and up to 500 Tons

Torque Turn Services*Torque Turn Monitoring Systems

We primarily utilize the Alltorque Torque Turn Monitoring Systems.

System Features

  • Built-in system dump valve releases pressure at optimum torque.
  • Built-in dump valve release on RPM. Stops over RPM during make-up.
  • System requires only one operator to run computer and tong.
  • Once the job is started the unit runs live and continuous and does not need constant attention.
  • Remote display shows live torque and dump status on rig floor, can attach to tong or derrick leg.
  • Job file stored in database – (No data tampering possible.)
  • Job file exportable to PDF
  • Displays Joints per hour / average speed of casing job.

Wireless Torque Sub

We also offer the WeCatt Wireless Torque-Monitoring Sub to be used on the rigs top drive or in conjunction with a Casing Running Tool in order to monitor connection make-up and torque.

Clean & Drift Inspection Services

Clean and drift services

It is very important that casing and tubing are inspected prior to being run into the well. Issues with damaged connections or misshaped casing could cause serious issues during casing make-up, or even worse after the casing has been set in the well. Our highly trained, safety focused, professional Clean and Drift Crews provide our customers with the following services to ensure these issues will not arise.

  • We provide a totally Enclosed Gun Cleaning System that recirculates the solvent and captures all waste in a containment system. This protects our crews and the environment from the mineral spirits used in the cleaning process.
  • Our crews will unload and rack the casing, remove thread protectors, clean and inspect box and pin end threads, drift all casing with respective API drifts, and tally the entire string being prepared for the well.
  • We also use an ultrasonic testing device on every joint to verify that the entire casing string is the proper thickness and in the proper place in the string design.
  • We provide our customers with a paper tally as well as a computer tally on a jump drive.

Conductor & Mousehole Drilling Services

After a drilling location is built, one of the initial processes is to drill and set the cellar, conductor, and mousehole. As part of our integrated service model we wanted to be able to not only handle the casing at all stages of the well, from to conductor to completions but also support our bolt-on business Noble Drilling, LLC. Noble Drilling, Pre-Sets Surface Casing and drills Salt Water Disposal Wells in the Rocky Mountain Region.

  • We provide highly trained, safety focused, professional Conductor (Rathole) Drilling Crews to drill, set casing and cement the conductor and mousehole.
  • We utilize a newer fleet of Spiradrill MHD90 Auger Drill Rigs capable of depths to 120’ and a maximum diameter of 10’.
  • We provide all the support equipment necessary to get the job done safely and efficiently.
  • We utilize our own portable cement units to cement the conductor and mousehole.

Work with the best in the field.

Noble hires the best hands in the patch. We are safe, innovative, ethical, drug free and work hard as hell. We look for people who believe in the American Dream.