Who We Are

Pride In Performance

Noble Drilling LLC, was founded in 2013 due to an increasing need from customers to hire a company capable of pre-setting surface and drilling salt water disposal wells cheaper and more efficiently than drilling with the larger more expensive land drilling rigs. Combining decades of experience our crews are setting records with our fast, safe, and efficient practices.

Noble Drilling LLC has drilled thousands of wells developing the best in-field practices. Not only can the operator save money because our rig is smaller, having the surface preset on their next pad while the larger rigs focus on finishing their previous pad, saves the operator time and money as well. This shortens the production schedule allowing oil to get to the market quicker.

90% of our equipment is built on trailers constructed with independent hydraulic lift systems to complete rig up and tear down. Noble Drilling LLC has a complete rig package including living quarters with utilities for rig hands and company men.

What We Do

Efficiency Driven

Noble Drilling, LLC. offers Surface Presets and Saltwater Disposal Wells


  • Saltwater Disposal Wells
  • Surface Presets

Accommodations For Company Men And Rig Hands:

  • Company Man Shack
  • Rig Manager Shack
  • Rig Hands Living Quarters
  • Solids Control Living Quarters

All accommodations have a Generator, Internet, Radios, Sewer Equipment, Trash and Disposal.

Noble Drilling has built relationships designed to get the pad drilled to the specifications relayed by our customers. We create custom bid packages to accommodate the Operators needs, handling several tailored packages from different levels of responsibilities on location to different ways of billing from our office.

Included In Our Rig Package:

1) TXD200 Trailer Mounted Top Drive Drilling Rig. Capable of running 47’ tubulars up to 30″ in diameter through the floor.

  • Depth rating of up to 8,000 ft.
  • Hook load of 200,000 lbs.
  • Iron roughneck capable of 55,000 ft/lbs. of torque.
  • Top head is rated for 17,600 ft/lbs of torque.

2) Load Safe Pipe Handling System. Tilting top head for hands-free makeup. There is no need for a derrick hand with this rig design.

3) Rig Sub Base, also serves as containment for the rig.

4) Pumps #1 and #2: Trailer Mounted Gardner Denver PZ-8, 860 HP CAT 3412 Comes with 6.5” liners at a stroke length of 8”; 3.45 GPM and 145 Max SPM.

5) Generator House: Two trailer mounted 375-400KW generators. One 4500 gal fuel tank and a lubester for oils with containment.

6) Mud Tank: Trailer mounted 450 barrel self-cleaning mud tank.

  • 4 compartments jetted and agitated by 10 horse power agitators. One compartment is an 80 barrel pill tank.
  • 2-4 panel Brandt King Cobra shakers.
  • All water is processed without the need for a super sucker.

7) Freshwater Trailer: Trailer mounted with a capacity of 440 barrels of freshwater with two 3X3 water pumps.

8) Trailer mounted doghouse/parts.

9) One loader for mixing cuttings and moving tubulars 544 – 624k equivalent or larger.

10) 3500′ of 4 ½” XH Range 3 Drill Pipe.

11) 270′ of 6 ½” Drill Collars.

12) Living quarters with utilities.

Where We Work

Noble has worked in North Dakota, Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas.

What We Believe In

Safety & Quality

Noble Drilling, LLC has developed a training program for all new and experienced employees. Our safety culture is the key to our success and something we will not compromise. Our employees all start by going through a New Hire Orientation where we make our message very clear, we want to be the best in the business, bottom line.


Work with the best in the field.

Noble hires the best hands in the patch. We are safe, innovative, ethical, drug free and work hard as hell. We look for people who believe in the American Dream.