Directional Drilling

Noble Drilling has assembled a team of Directional Drillers and Measurement While Drilling (MWD) Engineers with decades of experience in the Bakken to assist our customers with accurate directional drilling, well planning and engineering.
Our services include, wellbore intervention, innovation, mitigation and technology second to none. Our highly trained people, armed with the latest directional drilling technologies that offer an enhanced value to any operation. Investing in the industries best tools and technology available has always been a priority at Noble Drilling. We strive to provide high quality performance while increasing the integrity of the well. As with all of our divisions, we aim to hire the best in the industry and continue to train our employees in extensive training and safety programs.

Mud Motors

Noble utilizes motors on the cutting edge of mud motor technology, strength and performance. All major torque carrying components including the bit mandrel and transmission couplings have been enlarged to handle the increased torque of “Even-Walled” and “Hard Rubber” power sections. We have optimal thrust and radial bearing capacity. A uniquely designed mandrel catch device provides reduced stress concentration over previous designs and supports the mandrel shaft reducing bending stress.

These benefits allow us to easily handle the most extreme drilling conditions while utilizing the increased torque from power sections. This enables our drillers to maximize the rate of penetration.

Non Magnetic Drill Collars

We use Non-Magnetic Drill Collars when drilling in areas closer to the earth’s magnetic poles. Our non-mag drill collars offer strength and hardness while neutralizing magnetic inference.

High Speed Telemetry Mud Pulse MWD Tools with Gamma, Resistivity, Rotating Inclination.

Our MWD system is an open platform and supports 36 Generic Variables for use with third party Gyro tools, resistivity tools, and rotary steerable tools when added to the MWD tool strings. These tools are retrievable, compatible, and the most advanced and reliable decoding systems in the industry. Automated filtering capabilities allows us to perform the most accurate decoding solutions. Mud pulse directional is reliable and flexible Measurement While Drilling (MWD) performance in combination with rotating inclination. This MWD system provides highly accurate azimuth and inclination data for all applications, from straight-hole through horizontal drilling. Rapid and accurate toolface transmission enables the most complex well paths to be drilled with confidence.

EM MWD Tools

We have invested in EM-MWD tools to communicate with low-frequency electromagnetic waves transmitting data through the formation instead of pressure pulses through a fluid column. Antennas on the surface receive the signal for decoding. The EM-MWD tool has intelligent power control and a robust design.

This tool saves time by transmitting surveys during a connection, it has high data rates and the ability to operate in conditions where mud pulse telemetry cannot. Operators benefit from reduced inventory cost and increased flexibility when providing a mix of EM and mud pulse MWD services.

Where We Work

Noble has worked in North Dakota, Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas.

What We Believe In

Safety & Quality

Noble Drilling, Inc. has developed a training program for all new and experienced employees. Our safety culture is the key to our success and something we will not compromise. Our employees all start by going through a New Hire Orientation where we make our message very clear, we want to be the best in the business, bottom line.


Work with the best in the field.

Noble hires the best hands in the patch. We are safe, innovative, ethical, drug free and work hard as hell. We look for people who believe in the American Dream.