About Noble

Noble Casing Inc. is a premiere oil field service company that was founded in 2009 in Williston, ND by Chance Innis and Tobi Wold. The founders felt that there was a better approach on how to select and treat employees who worked in such a harsh environment, and that employees should be equipped with the safest and most advanced equipment available. They also felt that by working more closely with their customers and their employees, they could enhance current oil field practices to make them safer and more efficient.

The company started as offering casing services (i.e. rathole, racking and casing) in North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana. In 2012, the company extended its casing services into Colorado and Wyoming. During this time of expansion, the company also added drilling services, under Noble Drilling LLC, to provide for the same regions. Soon afer, the head office for both companies, Noble Inc., was relocated to Fort Collins, CO.

Among each location and division, our company’s best practices stay consistent and are based on three key principles: hire the best employees and provide them with the best equipment, training, and benefits; be the best at whatever we do; and lead the industry with the most up-to-date practices and equipment. Our values are simply listed as safety, quality, and customer service.


Because we recognize and understand the importance of a positive safety culture, we continuously review our policies and procedures so we develop our safety program at the forefront of our industry. This has been shown through the improvement of our safety record by reducing our TRIR over the years of operation.


We believe that with our intensive hiring system and thorough training, we have an incomparable work force. In order to provide top-notch quality for our customers, we provide our employees with the best tools, trucks and equipment. Our fabrication shop proves our investment in building our own equipment with safety features and 100% backup.

Customer Service

Through our sales team and corresponding management positions, we bring loyalty to our clients by further developing the relationships we have with them. We hope to better network on all levels of management to offer improvement on our services in each area. With honesty and open communication, our connections can work toward any goals set forth.

Our People

From the beginning, our employees at any level are the company’s main focus. The main purpose in starting Noble Casing, Inc. was to better appreciate the field workers. Still to this day, every decision incorporates the care and concern for the safety and well-being of each employee.

Hire the Best

We hire quality people that are willing to work hard, safely, and efficiently. Their in-depth training and new employee orientation fully prepares each individual with  a ‘safety first’ mindset. Through their extensive experience and detail-oriented mindsets, we believe each person has acquired necessary skill sets to be successful in the field.

Family-like Culture

Not only are all employees prepared for excellence, they help define our unique family-like culture. We hold BBQs for employees on a regular basis and organize activities outside of work including volunteer work, trips, and team-building activities.

Each and every crew member deeply connects in their relationships to become a collective group. Their close-knit bonds ensure that their work is communicated properly and that the team as a whole cares for the safety of others and the result of the job. We strive to keep the same crews together and not move people around to keep these relationships close and communicative. This way, the crews get used to how they do things and feel comfortable working together; therefore, they are more likely to take action if they witness unsafe behavior.

Work with the best in the field.

Noble hires the best hands in the patch. We are safe, innovative, ethical, drug free and work hard as hell. We look for people who believe in the American Dream.